Digital snapshot cameras and smartphone cameras have a slight delay from the time you press the shutter until the picture is actually taken. During this split-second moment, the camera is adjusting the focus, exposure and color balance. This delay may cause you to miss the exact moment you were hoping to capture. (DSLRs typically don’t have this problem, which is one reason why pros use them.)

How can you fix this? Before shooting, anticipate where the action is going to be. For example, for a dance recital, check out a rehearsal or two to find out where your dancer is going to be. Then, before the dancer gets to the desired spot, hold the shutter down half-way (called “prefocusing”) to give the camera a chance to set exposure and focus. When the dancer is in position, just fully depress the button and you’ll get the shot. This takes a little practice, but once this technique is mastered, blurry dance shots will be a thing of the past!

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