MailPix keeps memories safe, the newest online photo printing site, reminds consumers one of the best ways to preserve their precious digital images is to print them on long-lasting photo paper.

“The recent news reports about how a savvy tech blogger was easily hacked and lost a years worth of images was very sad,“ says Fred H. Lerner, president and CEO, MailPix Inc. “Keeping your photos only on your camera phone and laptop is an unnecessary risk for your precious memories. At MailPix, we recommend regularly printing your ‘keepers,’ and storing them in a cool dry place. Prints can always be rescanned if a cloud service goes down or a laptop drive crashes. MailPix uses long-lasting archival-quality inks on professional-grade photo papers for prints.”

“Digital camera users now control every aspect of the digital photography process but many people don’t often realize they are now also responsible for the entire life cycle of their images,” says Laura Oles, author of Digital Photography for Busy Women. “ While many are printing at home, online and in retail stores, many more aren’t printing at all. In fact, these pictures are often stored on hard drives or on phones and remain in a state of flux, in part, because we haven’t given much thought or attention to what will come next.”

Oles recommends three easy steps to protecting your digital for future generations:

Use photo organizing software – “Today’s image management programs can greatly assist you in quickly organizing your digital pictures so you can find your favorites. If the date and time are set properly on your camera or your phone, most programs will even automatically organize them by date, putting them in chronological order.”

Back up your pictures – “If you aren’t sure which back-up solution is best for you, start with a blank DVD and copy all your digital pictures to it. Make two copies, check them to ensure the transfer process was successful, and then store them somewhere safe. Better yet—give one copy to a loved one for safe-keeping.”

Print your favorites – “Now that your pictures are organized on your computer, go through and have copies of your favorite pictures printed. Ensure your pictures are being printed on archival paper so your photographs will stand the test of time.”

MailPix also offers lifetime storage of digital images as part of its everyday offerings.

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