Learn how to fully capture the beauty of Spring flowers and landscapes in your photos with our tips below!

1. Include the sky in your landscape photos

When photographing a breathtaking landscape, make sure you include the sky in the background of your photo. The sky provides a beautiful contrast to the colorful flowers in your landscape photo.

Be sure to inlcude the sky in our landscape pictures

2. Photograph trees with the sun illuminating the leaves from behind

Position yourself in a spot where the sun is shining behind the tree. Aim your camera at a 45 degree angle upwards to capture the beauty of the sun illuminating the tree leaves from behind for a beautiful photo filled with Spring essence.

Add a glow to trees and leaves by photographing them with the sun behind them

3. Take Spring portrait photos

Spring is the best time of the year to take portrait photos outdoors. Take your family or friends out to an open field or park to capture some beautiful portrait photos with colorful backdrops!

Use the bright green colors and flowers to create beautiful portraits

4. Lighting is VERY important

Most of the time, the difference between a good photo and a great photo is lighting. Make sure that you are not directly facing the sun when you are shooting photos outdoors or else there will be a harsh contrast in your photo. Always experiment by photographing from different positions relative to the sun.

Make sure your light is not harsh with heavy shadows so you can capture an even color

5. Move closer to the flowers

To capture the full detail of individual flowers, move closer to the flowers. Try not to use the zoom function on your camera as this will degrade the quality of your photo.

Flowers always look better close up and you never know what you may find getting close

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