Feel like you’re in a photo rut? Taking the same kinds of pictures all the time? Spend some time this weekend sharpening your skills with these quick tips:

  • Step up — Stepping closer will eliminate clutter and make it easier to see your subject. Why not just zoom in? Because moving your whole body with the camera puts you close to the scene and your subject. The best photos are when a photographer has a relationship with the subject. Also, don’t put heads in the middle of the picture (because their heads are not in the middle of their bodies. Take a moment to look at what is behind your subject.) Cluttered backgrounds distract from your subject. For pictures of one or two people a vertical format works best. You can better fill your photo with your subjects.
  • Up, Down and All Around – Often we take pictures of kids and pets while standing over them. By getting down to their level you can capture a more flattering image. Also try walking around your subject to look change the background or the lighting.
  • Flashes of genius – Sunshine often creates shadows especially when the light is coming from behind the subject. Using a flash outdoors fills the shadows with light, especially removing shadows from eyes.

Change your perspective to get better shots. Very few great shots are taken at eye-level!

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