Photo Tips for Experts

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1. Focus on the eyes for portrait photography

The eyes are the first place most people look when viewing a portrait, so make sure they’re in focus. Also, keep the eyes in the upper third of the image for a more compelling composition. In the photo pictured on the right, the eyes are in focus and are complemented by the model’s red hair and green shirt.

Eyes can play an important role in taking portraits of people, makes sure to focus closely

2. Use indirect lighting

When photographing indoors, try using experimenting with indirect window lighting. The light is soft and wraps around faces, providing dimension and depth in the photograph. Best of all? It’s warm and comfy inside, perfect for capturing everyday moments!

Try not using a flash in lower light situations, the effects of indirect lighting may surprise you

3. Encourage interaction in your photos

Take advantage of the relationships between people in your photographs for a more interesting and authentic image. This way, it will be more fun for the subject and the photographer during the photo session! Pictured on the right is a couple having fun while rollerblading. Encouraging interactions like this can create new opportunities for photos that you wouldn’t have had before.

Capture special moments between people, interactions make better photos

4. Add some flair to your photos

Lens flare can be avoided by positioning your lens away from the sun and using a lens hood, but you can also use lens flare for a modern, creative effect. In the picture on the left, the photographer photographed the subject while close to the ground and angled the camera upwards towards the sun.

Make your photos interesting by using light in ways to add flare or glare for a neat look

5. Foggy weather? No problem

Have you ever planned a photo session on a bright and sunny day just to have the fog roll in on you when you’re about to start taking pictures? Don’t let this discourage you the next time it happens! The light is often still bright enough for photos but is softer and more diffused, which is great for nice and even lighting on faces.

A foggy day can be great for diffused lighting and will make for great photos and portraits

6. Get portrait lighting in your own home

Investing in a Home Studio Lighting Kit from Erin Manning can be a great way to help you take better photos. This “studio in a box” comes with daylight balanced fluorescent lamps that can give you studio lighting for your photo sessions in your own home. This is also a great way to make photo sessions more fun for you and for your kids!

When shooting indoors, a lighting kit is always a great idea

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