By Laura Oles, author of Digital Photography for Busy Women

Dress the part when taking your Halloween photos, you want the best look

Halloween has become one of the most popular celebrations of the year! Who can resist cute kids in costumes? Kids grow up fast, so here are some “tricks” to capture those great memory “treats.”

1) Tell the whole story! Too many Halloween pictures just have the kids posed on the porch, but the fun lasts all day! Take pictures during the entire make-up or dress-up process. Sometimes those pictures of your child half in-costume are the most precious. Photograph them while trick or treating or at the party, at different times.

2) Make sure your camera’s ISO setting is on the fastest setting. This is will allow you to have a faster shutter speed while shooting in the dark.

A little make up and lighting can go a long when for a neat affect with spooky Halloween pictures

3) Mind your mode. Many cameras these days have a night-time portrait mode. This can be great to use – especially since it reduces red-eye, but you have to think ahead. In most cameras, this mode works by taking two flashes: a quick pre-flash, then a full flash. Remember to warn your subject there will be to flashes or they will start to move after the first one. (This can sometimes, however, result in some cool effects!)

4) Get creepy on a budget. If you don’t have time or expertise to set up a scary scene, here’s an easy way: Turn your camera vertical and upside down! The flash will come up from the bottom, making some interesting shadows on the child’s face. Another trick is to put a piece of cellophane over the flash to give it a little different color; try green or red.

5) Get that Jack O’Lantern just right. Jack O’Lanterns can be difficult to photograph when lit. The camera’s exposure sensor can get fooled, and when the flash goes off, you get a harsh and unpleasant photo. Turn the flash “off,” and try again. Hold the camera steady (or use a tripod) and you should get a nice picture of the lit Jack O’Lantern design, with the rest of the photo dark.

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