Fall Photo Tips Sunsets

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Fall is one of the best times of year to capture photos, use the sunset to help you

Capture amazing fall sunset pictures with these easy tips

When it comes to photographing a sunset, arrive early. There’s no predicting the sun and its most glorious moment—inevitably there will be that splendid one-minute window.

For Smartphones

  • Tap to focus your shot. This feature is important for helping your smartphone focus on the sunset.
  • Experiment with different angles. Photographing the sunset from different angles can get you completely different photos. Find the best one!
  • Posting this on Facebook or Instagram? Don’t overuse the filters. A mild filter can add a nice touch to your photos, but something too strong can ruin the look of your photo.
  • Create a shortcut to your camera app. You want to be ready at any moment to capture the perfect sunset.

For Digital Cameras

  • Using a DSLR? Quickly do test shots to check exposure compensation to be sure you don’t end up with large parts of the sky blown out.
  • Set ISO to its lowest setting (200 is low). This will still provide latitude for correcting underexposure.
  • Set white balance. Many cameras do a fair job with “Auto.” Alternatively try a “Daylight” or “Shade” setting, but again, snap a few test shots.
  • Some compact (point-and-shoot) cameras have a mode for photographing sunsets. Start with that.

Sunset Do’s and Don’ts

  • Be set up and ready at least half an hour before the sun drops below the horizon.
  • Best time to catch glorious color is likely 15 minutes before and after a sunset.
  • The sun can damage the sensor of a digital camera over time. Avoid pointing the camera directly at the sun.
  • The sun can damage your eyes if you’re not careful. Do not stare at the sun for extended periods of time.

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