Shoot portraits vertically to heighten interest; get close to the subject.

Many techniques take an average photo to good and even to great. Continually trying more challenging compositions is a good habit to get into, especially if your photos are starting to look the same.

Here are some quick things to remember at your next family gathering:

Stepping closer or zooming to your subject will eliminate distracting clutter and make it easier to see.

Don’t put people’s heads in the middle of the picture because their heads are not in the middle of their bodies! Put heads into the upper-third of the frame.

Take a moment to look at what is behind your subject. Cluttered backgrounds distract from your subject. No one likes those pictures of tree branches protruding from people’s heads!

For portraits of one or two people, a vertical picture works best. You can better fill your photo with your subjects.

Often we take pictures of kids and pets while standing over them. By getting down to their level you can capture a more flattering image.

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