When you go on vacation with your family, be sure to capture all the fun in photos

Get up early some mornings to get the best shots of the day, before the rest of the family are up.

It’s time for the family to plan its annual vacation. So just how does the photographer in you get to work? Here are some ideas to make your vacation full of family fun and photo productivity:

While the family sleeps and relaxes in the morning, head out for a few hours at sunrise to capture the great light. From the tallest skyscraper to a tiny flower, subjects bathed in the warm light of sunrise look great.

Accept the fact sunset is family time, but expect a compromise that maybe you get to claim a few sunsets for yourself. Some sunsets may mean you’re out photographing the same scenery from your morning shots ; see how different light can change the picture.

During the day, when the light is not at its best, augment with fill flash, and focus on your family members. Try to keep the photography low-key so it doesn’t become the priority. Let your family have fun while you simply document the events. Orchestrating a full-blown shoot may wind up backfiring.

Use a trusty point-and-shoot or your smartphone rather than carting around all your gear. Having your complete pack means you are taking charge and infringing on family time.

Give the camera to your spouse or kids. Let them take a few pictures, and allow them to share in your enthusiasm. More often than not, the photographer in the family is the person who seems to not have gone on the trip. Let the others take shots of you.

Use the trip to create a nice family portrait that can be used as a holiday card. Turn it into a fun event. Let the kids get goofy for a few shots. While it may not make the cover of National Geographic, you’re still practicing your skills of lighting, posing, and composition.

Be sure to enjoy the moment and don't get caught up capturing everything you see

And, don’t be this guy!

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