Have you already made your family photo holiday cards? If not, with Thanksgiving coming up in a few days there’s no time like the present to create your own holiday photo greetings cards to share with family and friends.

The house will be decorated, and the family will be together. Whether you have a point & shoot, a smartphone or a DSLR, here are some of basic camera settings to help get you started.

Easy camera settings to help you quickly take the photos you want

Basic Camera Settings

  • ISO: (go as low as possible–200 is low). If shooting indoors, or in a dark location, you will likely need to increase the ISO, for example boost to 400 or higher.
  • White Balance: Start with Auto. Take a photo. If your colors look odd, review the device’s other setting options. A photo taken indoors with any bulb lighting nearby often displays a slight color cast, so consider dialing to Incandescent or Fluorescent.
  • Focus Mode: Start with Auto Focus. Some smartphones and point & shoots allow you to tap the LCD screen to select the focus point. Tap your chosen focus point, then hit the shutter.
  • Resolution/Image Size: pick the largest image size available if you plan to print photos or wish to capture the best quality. The setting usually is listed as RAW or high/best qualify/superfine jpg.
  • Scene Mode: Selecting a Scene Mode adjusts the settings for you. If you prefer to maintain control of your device’s Settings, be sure Scene Mode is turned Off.
  • Turn on anti-shake or vibration reduction to lessen blur.

Did you know that almost any photo you create on your smartphone or iPad can be ordered as a print (sizes up to 8” x 10”), then be ready for pick-up at your local Walmart, Walgreens or CVS/pharmacy? In some cases, your prints may be ready in one hour.

Use your Wi-Fi connection plus the 1 Hour Photo app for iOS and Android and order prints from your phone and pick them up at your local photo retailer in 1 hour.
CVS, Walgreens and Walmart retail pricing applies. No shipping fees.

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