Capture beautiful firework photos with these 5 easy tips

  1. Steady as she goes.
    The key to great-looking fireworks shots is to keep the camera steady. Use a tripod or, if that’s not handy, brace yourself against a tree to keep the camera steady.
  2. Don’t touch that button!
    Reduce the chance of unnecessary camera shake by using your camera’s self-timer or wireless remote (if you have one).
  3. Go wide!
    Resist the temptation to zoom in on one array of bursts. The fun of fireworks is you never really know when or where the colorful blasts will appear. Use the mid-range or wide-angle setting on your zoom and let fly! You can always crop the image later on your computer.
  4. Pre-plan if you can
    The best fireworks shots usually have some of the ground in the frame. Use the rule of thirds — dividing the frame into one-third sections — to keep at last part of the foreground in view. Most modern cameras will show the rule of thirds sections on the LCD screen.
  5. Shutter speed
    Mix up your shutter speeds with a combination of fast to stop action and slow to show motion. Some of the best photos come from experimentation! Have fun!

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