5 Smartphone Photo Tips

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You do not have to have a professional camera to take great photos

Photography has become an integral part of everyday life now that cameras are available in everyone’s pockets. Thanks to the improved quality of smartphone cameras in the past few years, people can now take high-quality photos on the go. We have come up with 5 simple and effective tips for helping you capture the best photos you can with your smartphone. Check them out!

Don’t overuse filters

Do you use filters on your smartphone photos? Filters can add a nice touch to your photos, but also have the potential to ruin them as well. Apps like Instagram give you many filter options, but the trick is not to overdo the filter on your photo. Using filters in moderation will help you get the most out of your smartphone photos.

Easy access: Create a shortcut to your camera app

Being able to take photos anytime and anywhere is one of the perks of having a smartphone. You can make taking photos even easier by placing your camera app somewhere convenient, such as your home screen. Some smartphones even have the ability to let you go straight to your camera app from your lockscreen, but that varies depending on your device.

Experiment with different angles

Experiment with different angles when taking photos with your smartphone. Try shooting your object from above, below or even from the side to create new photo-taking opportunities. Be creative with your shot!

Get the right lighting

Getting the right lighting is important for capturing good photos, so make sure you avoid the harsh afternoon light during noontime. Taking photos with the bright sun shining at your target can create harsh shadows. Try finding a shaded area or shooting from a different position if you have no choice but to photograph your target in the afternoon light. Shoot during the late afternoon during the “golden hour” for higher contrast lighting in your photos.

Tap to focus your shot

Although many smartphones have auto-focus on their cameras, you can tap on specific objects on your screen to focus on it in your shot. This feature is very useful if you want to differentiate the focus between your object and the background. Remember to hold still during your shot!

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