Tip #1: Avoid harsh sunlight

Taking photos in harsh sunlight usually ends up being a bad experience for everyone. If you photograph dad in the sun, he will most likely end up squinting the whole time with the sun shining right at his face! You won’t be happy either with the harsh contrast in your photos. Find a nicely shaded spot to avoid those problems.

Tip #2: Avoid distracting backgrounds

The last thing you want when taking photos with dad is a stranger photobombing your shot, especially when you got everything else right! Find a quiet location with less people walking around. Parks with open fields and trees, blank walls and even parts of your home are great locations to take photos with dad.

Tip #3: Do something fun together

Telling young Joey and dad to pose next to that nice tree can get boring sometimes. Give them something fun to do! Have dad take Joey out for a bike-ride while you photograph them. Asking your subjects to do something fun while you take pictures of them will create more picture-worthy moments.

Try taking photos in a shaded area avoiding direct sunlight

Tip #4: Let your pets join in on the fun

This is dad’s special day, but why not let your pets join in on the fun? Taking pictures with pets can make your photoshoot more fun and humorous. Just make sure to not let Fido steal the show!

Tip #5: Say something funny

Telling dad to say “cheese!” every time you take a photo of him can get old very quickly. Try telling dad something funny instead to make him laugh! Capturing photos of dad while he is genuinely laughing can make for much cuter photos.

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