Childrens’ fascination with things used by their parents starts early. If you have an inquisitive tot, or even teen, how about handing off the camera to them? Let them art direct a few photos. The session will be memorable, will give a new POV to your photos, and you may even inspire a new artistic interest.

For safety reasons you may want to let your children use an old smart phone or old digital camera to get them started

Great photos can be created using smartphones, point and shoots and of course DSLRs. If you are bit hesitant to hand-off a pricey device, start by placing it in a protective case. You can also let them use an old smart phone, or old digital camera. If you don’t have an old digital camera, I’m sure you can find a cheap camera at Goodwill. For a hand-off way of taking photos you can use a camera remote (available through camera vendors and generally cost less than $25) or download a remote shutter trigger app (you’ll need Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or some way of ‘talking’ between the camera and the app.). And don’t forget about your action camera, like a GoPro. Cameras like this can take decent images and are fairly resistant to drops (when placed within a protective case).

Let your kids take their own selfies and you can accumulate a large number of portraits hands-free

For photos using a remote, start by placing the camera on a tripod or other secure location. Make all required adjustments to the camera, including exposure, aperture and turn on the remote control operation. Hand-off the remote to your child and show him or her how to trigger the camera.

They can take selfie photos or photos of stuff. You can sit back and watch. Or you can get in the frame and ask them to photo direct a few shots. Be sure to review things now and then on the LCD panel, showing your child what they are creating and fine tuning camera settings as needed.

And for the coup d’etat, let them know you want to select a favorite and make a morning photo coffee mug to take to the office.

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