Halloween Party Ideas

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Have fun planning your party knowing the kids will love everything you've put together

Planning a Halloween Party can be a very fun, but sometimes a stressful experience. As a party host(ess), having your guests walk away with a positive review of your party is a very rewarding experience. MailPix has come up with some Halloween Party ideas that will help make your party fun and memorable. Check them out!

It starts with the invitation

The most important part of a successful Halloween Party starts with the invitation. Although many people use Facebook to invite friends and family to events, it can sometimes feel a bit impersonal. Sending your guests personalized invitations will make them appreciate your efforts and make them more likely to want to attend. Design your personalized invitations on MailPix and save 50% on all your cards here: http://www.mailpix.com/greeting-holiday-cards

Make it a potluck

Instead of spending endless hours preparing a grand meal for your guests, then being too tired to enjoy the festivities, make it easier on yourself and include them in the party planning by having a potluck. You will have much more time to plan other aspects of your party and your guests will have a larger variety of choices in food to eat.

Decoration Ideas

Party decorations are a must for creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. Here are some decorating ideas that are sure to liven up your party:

  1. Canvas Prints! Show off your beautiful family and friends on Canvas Prints placed throughout your home. Featuring your favorite Halloween pics of family and friends will make them feel special. An easy way to accomplish this is with our 8×10 Easel back Canvas Prints, ready to display on any flat surface, making it easy to remove and store for next year or keep up year-round.
  2. Skeletons, spiders, tombstones, cob webs and the random zombie. These are classic Halloween decorations that will give your party the vibe you are hoping for.
  3. Light-up pumpkins, paper bags, or jars. Many people carve beautiful designs into their pumpkins, but never light them up. Many just want the lighted ambiance. Depending on your décor, you can use safe and efficient LED lights for whichever you choose. No need to worry about open flames when you’re busy entertaining.

Engage your guests with a raffle

Everybody loves to win a prize! Give each guest a raffle ticket upon their arrival and raffle off affordable prizes like wine, wine glasses, gift cards and candles. Your guests will have fun and might be the lucky one to walk away with one of your memorable gifts.

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