Kids love stickers. What could be better than letting them make their own custom photo stickers that feature fun photos of friends, family, sports and school activities, pets? How about knowing that these durable photo stickers have an adhesive back that permits apply and re-apply?

Color your space with coloring wallpaper perfect for children

Of course customizing a child’s bedroom with giant stick on photos is fun, and gives children a chance to decorate and explore their creativity. Another fun way to decorate a bedroom for kids and keep them busy is to try coloring wallpaper. Made using the same peel and stick materials as our stick on prints, coloring wallpaper offers many fun tiled designs that are great for accenting a small part of any room. The best part about coloring wallpaper is that your child will enjoy hours of creativity and fun coloring the wallpaper using any colors they like. This is the one time your can allow your kids to write and color on the walls, and trust me, they will love it!

Help kids personalize their space with their own décor: think bedrooms, bathroom, play area, cubby bins, school lockers—even sticking on their backpacks. Choose from single photo or collage design, plus various backgrounds and an option to add text.

Custom collage photo poster print ideas for the walls:

  • Your child’s name plus  pictures from the school year
  • Snapshots from the soccer season, the team name and year
  • Camp vacation memory photos with the new friends they made
  • A collage showing a month of selfie shots

Peel and stick photo poster ideas for the ceiling:

  • Big grin photos with grandma and grandpa
  • Place several photos on a large size poster, that’s been cut into smaller sections to scatter
  • Convert one of their art masterpieces into a digital file
  • A special poem or prayer plus image to place over the bed

You can even make an Instagram adhesive wall poster that shows up to 77 photos. Connect your Instagram account to your MailPix account, drag and drop favorite images into position and order from your laptop or mobile phone.

Make a single photo peel and stick decal or a multi-photo adhesive collage:

  • Chose single image, collage or Instagram™ squares layout
  • Several template designs; some permit text
  • Printed on durable fabric with adhesive back
  • Adhesive backing is easy to apply and re-apply
  • White border can be easily trimmed off for full photo look
  • Best if applied to smooth surfaces; safe for most walls
  • Sizes start at 11” x 14” and go up to 12” x 36” for an adhesive banner print

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