While in NYC in August, we snapped a few photos of the city’s famed landmarks—but we did this from a ferry on the East River en route to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). It was a hot and hazy 90-degree day.

Sometimes you shoot just because what’s in front of you looks appealing. Sometimes you shoot with a definite notion about how to turn that photo into photo print or photo product. When framing up the below, the idea to reproduce the photo as a horizontal panorama was definitely in mind. MaiPix offers three panorama photo print sizes: 10” x 20”, 12” x 36” and 20” x 30”.

Beautiful city skyline with clouds

The 10” x 20” proportions (1:2) best render this photo to a wide horizontal view, so we’re selecting that size to make a new canvas photo print for a wall in the office.

photo NYC The next two photos were caught as the ferry crossed under the Brooklyn Bridge. There was plenty of time to snap several angles. Being below and focusing on the underside of the bridge gives a view that’s not seen so often. We’re testing this one as a standard photo print enlargement that can later get a matte and frame.

The city bridge is the star but the clouds are beautiful as well

For the topside bridge view to the left, doing a metallic print on metallic photo paper is perfect. The structure’s fine metalwork detailing will look great on metallic photo paper that adds sharpness and sheen.

And finally, no NYC travel photo collection is complete without a shot of Lady Liberty. She’s pretty small in the frame, but since the sunlight and clouds add so much interest, we feel that a tall vertical shot saves the memory. This image would be dramatic as a vertical metallic photo print, but for variety we’re going to make a canvas photo print.

Utilize the sky and clouds to make your photos more dramatic

Be sure to print a few of your favorite summer vacation and travel photos to share with family and friends. Make a print, make a blanket, get a head start on your holiday photo prints.

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