$10 – $50 Personalized Mother’s Day Photo Gifts You Can Make in Minutes

Mother’s Day is 3 days away! Don’t get caught empty handed in those last minutes. Sure you could give her cut flowers, a box of candy or something from a retail shop, but in 10 minutes or less you can create a Mother’s Day gift that’s unique, personal and fun using your favorite photographs.

Start with photos of the grandchildren, photos from a vacation, fine art pictures you created with the camera…any of these would be perfect.

$10 and More

Make your own Mother’s Day card + set of photo notecards
Grandmas and moms love to have personal notecards! How about making a Mother’s Day card that’s part of a 10-piece photo letter set?

Hop onto MailPix.com Find your best 10 photos. Create 10 different photo folded notecards–add whimsical greetings inside a few of them, vary the photo template borders and color ways. When the note cards arrive, tie with colorful satin ribbon and add a sprig of flowers from the garden!

$30 and More

Make a cover for Mom’s iPhone, iPad or Kindle
Here’s a gift item that can be made within minutes while at the office—a custom photo cover for iPhone, iPad or Kindle. Simply drag and drop one or a several photos from your desktop or even a Facebook account. Pick from several fun and colorful templates that guarantee fail-safe photo placement. To personalize even more, add a cheerful message.

$50 and More

Make a photo on canvas art piece for the wall, mantle or shelf
Talk about easy to make—simply find your photo, pick the most comparable print dimensions for the canvas photo product you’ll order, drag and drop your image file onto the MailPix template, review how your product will print, then hit the order button!

The point is your mother will love anything special you give her

Tips for photo files

  • Select a photo file that has lots of overall brightness—avoid real dark images or photos with a lot of shade or shadow area
  • Look for color-rich, super saturated photos. If you can, dial up the color intensity 2 – 5 percent so really make your new photo canvas pop!
  • Keep your subjects center of frame, especially if you will do a wrapped edge canvas
  • Avoid too many strong vertical or horizontal lines in the background or foreground. Things like fence posts, telephone lines, dominant tree trunks, etc. may be distracting

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